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Josiah renamed “TUCKER”

Wow!!! what a great new addition to our family! This Boy was checked and updated shots and worming by our vet and is a very healthy baby! Love him and his new buddy Toby same age and a mini DOODLE! Has already, five weeks later, is “BELL” trained to potty outside and Toby is also! He lays down ,sets to get a snack, loves and plays ball with his tennis ball and bring it to me on command! He and his buddy like chewing everything and everything goes to the mouth but we are working on that! Both have their own cage and it is never used for correction but for sleeping and resting, they love it go to it on their own and sleep all night until we get up 6-8am! Never a sound out of them at night!! Still basically on leash outside but beginning to give a little freedom outside , they will get it soon! Love them both ! I am 75 and have the time to spend with them and my wife if 72 and both of us healthy and i believe with all the training i am even losing some weight LOL! We lost my best friend Baxter who we got 12 years ago when i retired. A 18 lb. mixed Yorkie- min. Schnauzer my best friend to cancer and for me it was horrible and he will never be replaced and it would not be right for me to think Toby and Tucker to be a “replacement” ! Toby and Tucker have their own personality and i will not make them into a Baxter but love them for who they are!! Thanks for my new family member “TUCKER” (Josiah) Mark 11:22!!


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